600 Silver-Plated



Excellent sound at an extremely attractive price!

With our 600 series, we offer the legendary Hannabach quality at a particularly attractive price. The combination of nylon for E1 and B2 and a carbon G3 string provides the best tonal transition between the treble and bass strings. A special silver plating protects the bass strings from tarnishing. The set offers excellent tunability with a clear, transparent sound.


Proven Hannabach quality at an attractive price and still handmade?

This is made possible by new materials and an economical use of packaging. In addition, we only offer complete sets in two tensions. As far as the strings themselves are concerned, no compromises are made. After all, the motto for Hannabach strings is the sound comes first!.


At a glance:

Handmade in Germany
Hannabach quality at an attractive price
Silver-plated and anti-corrosion coated bass strings, precise nylon treble strings
Bass: silver-plated copper wire, tarnish-protected wound
Treble: precise nylon monofilament, plain
Available in Medium and High Tension
Made for instruments with scale length 650 mm
Nickel-free according to DIN EN 1811
Excellent tunability, clear, transparent sound
Zip-lock bag, resealable, packed airtight and lightproof for better storage and durability Only as a complete set, no single string service


Did you know?

Carbonstrings do not contain carbon at all. The correct term would be fluorocarbonor PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) and is a further development of the nylon polymer with higher strength and more stable vibration behaviour. Carbonstrings are considerably thinner than nylon strings (by approx. 30%) with the same mass.

In terms of playing technique, the result is a more homogeneous pitch of the string diameters: with the medium set, a G in nylon would be 1.01 mm thick, but in carbon only 0.86 mm. In terms of sound, this results in an overtone-rich, bright- sounding tone with attack.


Saite Beschreibung Medium Tension High Tension
E-1 Nylon 7,0 kg/15.43lbs 7,5 kg/16.54lbs
H-2/B Nylon 6,0 kg/13.23lbs 6,2 kg/13.67lb
G-3 Carbon 7,0 kg/15.43lbs 7,0 kg/15.43lbs
D-4 Silver-Plated 7,5 kg/16.54lbs 7,8 kg/17.20lbs
A-5 Silver-Plated 7,3 kg/16.09lbs 7,6 kg/16.76lbs
E-6 Silver-Plated 7,5 kg/16.54lbs 7,8 kg/17.20lbs