500 Student Classic Guitar Strings



The latest development from Hannabach

  • High-precision treble strings, crystal clear and smooth
  • Nylon multi-filament bass strings wound with silver-plated copper wire
  • B string and bass strings marked for easy identification
  • Available in 2 tensions::
  • 500MT Medium Tension (black stripe ) 
  • 500HT High Tension (blue stripe)


New packaging concept

  • Ecological material, durable, moisture-resistant and repellent
  • Airtight sealed with zipper, resealable
  • Space-saving and reasonably priced
  • "Euro" eyelet for easy hanging
  • No single string Service
  • HANNABACH 500: Made in Germany


Julia Malischnig about our "Exclusive":
'I would like to give you a musical feedback on the new Hannabach 500 strings, which you have sent me as test. Here is a small audio-video sample of my two students (recording on the carnival´s tuesday), who play on the new Hannabach 500. My young pupils Viki & Constanze alias Duo DOS GUITARRAS find the strings very well, sound is really balanced and they look forward to playing thse continously. They are now appearing at the national competition Prima La Musica in Upper Austria.' Kind regards from Linz, Julia Malischnig


Saite Beschreibung Medium Tension High Tension
E-1 Nylon 7,0 kg/15.43lbs 7,5 kg/16.53lbs
H/B-2 Nylon 6,0 kg/13.23lbs 6,2 kg/13.67lbs
G-3 Nylon 6,5 kg/14.33lbs 6,7 kg/14.77lbs
D-4 Silver-Plated 7,1 kg/15.65lbs 7,7 kg/16.98lbs
A-5 Silver-Plated 7,6 kg/16.75lbs 7,8 kg/17.20lbs
E-6 Silver-Plated 7,6 kg/16.75lbs 7,7 kg/16.98lbs