271 Schrammel Guitar



For our friends of Vienna and Bavarian folk music, we offer our 271 series strings for "Schrammel guitar".

The Schrammel guitar (also called contra-guitar) is a special-design of the classical guitar. The tonal range is extended by additional bass-strings.

The strings on the regular neck are standard. Typical is the second unfretted neck where nine bass strings are vibrating freely. These so-called drone strings are plucked, they also resonate passively and provide a fuller sound.

The drone strings are tuned in semitones, they are made of silver plated copper with Nylon core. Our strings for Schrammel guitar are available in one tension as single strings, as a set for 15- and 13-string instruments and 9- and 7- string drone sets. The drone-sets can be combined with any other of your favourite Hannabach sets.