Marco Vasconcellos


"The first time I tried a new Hannabach string set on my guitar the sound immediately changed. Clarity and note definition were impecable, playability is excellent and the balance across the strings is definitely Hannabach strong quality. I was extremely happy to hear such a natural sound from my guitar.

Congrats for the job Hannabach staff!"

Marco Vasconcellos 



Marco Vasconcellos is one of the most requested in Brazilian's musical scene. Along with good taste and a constantly increasing technique, Marco has proved to be a musician of great maturity, earning respect and admiration from his audience, as well as from his colleagues.

His musical education started early, for he is a member of a traditional family in this field. By following his relatives and making his own choices he developed his personality as a musician.

Thanks to his versatility, Marco has been performing at the stage or recording with great names of Brazilian music, such as Guinga; Leila Pinheiro; Milton Nascimento; Banda Black Rio; Isabella Taviani; Flávio Venturini; Emílio Santiago; Lulu Santos; Frejat; Paula Fernandes; Hamilton de Holanda; Hermeto Pascoal; Roberto Menescal and others.

Besides announced, recorded and performed together with John J.R. Robinson, Neil Stubenhaus, Pedro Aznar, Nelson Faria, Robertinho Silva and others.

Marco also was the house band guitarist at "The Voice Brazil".

Marco Vasconcellos is playing the following Hannabach Strings:

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