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Patricio Lara

"Since I discovered the Hannabach Flamenco HT827 I haven't used other strings again...
They just supply everything I need in terms of Durability, Tension, High Quality Standard & Great Sound...
The warmth of the orange colored trebles and clean sharp sound of the bass, that produce when I'm strumming or playing a solo just gives me all the freedom to perform at my highest and express exactly what I want to without having to think about them, and only enjoying the moment while I'm performing or practicing.
I really love my set every time I pick up my guitar and start composing... "

Patrico Lara

Pato Lara’s music is a flavored mix of World Rhythms, from the Latin Fusions & Samba of Latin America through the Reggae/Funky Soul to the Hispanic Rumba in Spain.

He offers a full fun dancing experience that invites every culture to join on this great vibe of celebration and journey through happy vibes & sharing love, bringing together a whole world culture rich atmosphere.
Whenever Pato and Band are playing you just can't avoid getting involved with their contagious vibe, not only musical but just having a great time!

Pato Lara was born in Australia to Chilean parents; he grew up in La Serena, a small touristic & surfers city in the north coast of Chile. After his studies in Santiago, he travelled, working on a cruise through the Mediterranean Sea, and arrived back in Sydney after 20 years, where he has been located for the past 6 years.
In 2012 he released his first album called “Travesia” (Journey), after a year over seas recording and producing his first musical project.
“Travesia” is a personal musical & spiritual journey in which he explores different rhythms and genres from all over South America.
His lyrics talk mainly about love and world peace.
As a good omen, and part of his musical/spiritual path, he records & produces his second album in Chile on 2013, named "Raices".