Ukulele Fluorocarbon



We present the modern, gaudy ukulele string made from our popular GOLDIN-SUPER-CARBON.

The advantages can clearly be felt and heard:

  • Natural sound as with nylon strings - excellent intonation as with CARBON strings
  • Tuning is quicker and more stable
  • More tension and perfect intonation
  • Helps weak sounding ukuleles to step up with more power, punch and clarity
  • Better, louder and fuller sound
  • Extremely balanced tension throughout the entire set
  • Slightly higher tension on the highest string for distinctive melodies


Soprano/Concert Ukulele Super-Carbon Goldin 235MHT Set
Soprano ukulele with scale length 350mm/ 13’’
Concert ukulele with scale length 380mm/ 15”
Total length of the strings 640mm/ 25‘‘


Tenor Ukulele Super-Carbon
Goldin 243MHT Set
Tenor ukulele with scale length 430mm/ 17”
Total length of the strings 700mm/ 27,5‘‘


Color code for identifying the individual strings.
No single strings available. We recommend to replace the set completely to ensure a consistent sound.