G3 Wound



Hannabach offers wound G3-strings in different versions with the series 870, 875 and 877.

Many guitar-players prefer a brighter-sounding  G-string. If you are looking for the perfect "transitional string" between bass and treble, then you can find it here.

In the manufacture of strings it is important to develop a sonically perfect fit of thickness an tensile load. Choose between three versions:

870: silver-plated, wound
875: chromium, wound and polished
877: aluminum, wound and polished

Aluminum is lighter than silver-plated copper, chromium steel is much harder. A thin, heavy string may sound "wiry", often more metallic. The core strings are matched to fit the different winding materials.

Experiment to see which matches your sound preferences and your guitar best.

Each version is available in five tensions as single string and be combined with every Hannabach set.

Made for instruments with scale 65cm/25.5".