Damon Buxton


Damon Buxton is a contemporary classical guitarist, recording artist, and composer. With a published discography of ten albums, he uses silent spaces, open tunings, natural reverb, and double picking to create a beautifully sparse and resonant sound. He plays through the air without pickups, effects, or electronic assistance to deliver an uplifting and engaging solo guitar performance with positive humor and grace.

Educated at Cornish College of The Arts in Seattle Washington, USA, he graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. After an early collaboration with Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman, he built his own studio and set out to record some of the world’s most beautiful and intimate guitar recordings.

Damon has performed at Kirkland Performance Center and Bastyr University Chapel in Seattle, The Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh, and other performing arts centers throughout the United States. He is available to perform in the US, Canada, Japan, and Europe.

Damon Buxton plays and records exclusively with Hannabach strings. His music available wherever classical music is streamed or sold.

"I have played Hannabach Goldin strings exclusively since 2006. The trebles produce a clear tone that captures the nuance and clarity of classical guitar. The basses are deep, rich, and satisfying. As a set they are articulate and responsive. From gritty dark melodies to the soft and sweet pieces that come through when I'm trying to create something beautiful, Hannabach Goldins accurately convey what I hear in my mind as I'm composing. They are an essential part of my sound."

Damon Buxton

Damon Buxton is playing the following Hannabach Strings:

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