Augustin Wiedemann


"Through the Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation I had the opportunity to play on exceptional master built guitars (lately these included Hauser I, II and III, Fleta, Weissgerber, Garcia). On all these guitars and also the one made by Greg Smallman, which I am currently playing, I use only Hannabach strings. Especially the combination of Titanyl Long Life - basses with carbon trebles – The high notes achieved find fantastic. The Titanyl basses still have a brilliant and sonorous sound even after many days in the studio or after numerous concerts. The Hannabach Carbon-strings for me have all the advantages of carbon (upper tone sound, long sustain, clear projection) combined with the very enjoyable playing feeling (they are not so thin as other makes of Carbon and they don‘t react so touchy). I can highly recommend Hannabach strings to any demanding guitarist!"

Augustin Wiedemann

Augustin Wiedemann is playing the following Hannabach Strings:

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