Alegrias Guitar Trio


"Hannabach was already a familiar word when I was still a little boy watching my father building guitars in his workshop. Sound quality is a high art, not only in instrument making but also while playing an instrument and this is the determining factor for choosing this traditional string maker. The strings distinguish themselves especially by their natural sound, their dependable fret clarity and their quick tuning which qualities are an absolute must in todays professional everyday use."
Takeo Sato

“I was absolutely overjoyed when I discovered Hannabach strings for myself. Brilliant, high upper tones, very clear and always dependable! A neverending fountain of inspiration. My sound dreams have come true!“
Dimitri Lavrentiev plays 815 LT

“About my truly loved 815 LT I would like to say the following: I am totally exalted by Hannabach's 815 LT because these strings enable me to produce a warm, and round sound with rich upper tones free from any tuning hassles. I can highly recommend these strings!"
Klaus Wladar

Alegrias Guitar Trio is playing the following Hannabach Strings:

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