Russian Guitar Quartet


From Russia with Love

With greatest pride and honour we announce a new member in the HANNABACH family of greaqt artists: Russian Guitar Quartet

"Professionalism of each member of the quartet is defined by marvelous execution, musical expression, fine artistic taste; and all together they create a perfect sound palette and fresh interpretations..."

N. Komolyatov

Honored Artist of Russia, Professor of the Gnesins’ Academy of Music


The Quartet repertoire includes music by contemporary Russian composers whose pieces has conquered the world stage, among them: I. Rekhin, N. Koshkin, G. Dzhaparidze, K. Vasiliev, A. Vinitsky, A. Ivanov-Kramskoy. Pieces by young talented composers (A. Livada, A. Usachev, etc.) are also performed at the Quartet concerts. Special arrangements for Russian Guitar Quartet take an important place in their repertoire: P. Tchaikovskiy, A. Borodin, N. Rimskiy-Korsakov, M. Musorgskiy etc.

The Quartet performs at international classical guitar festivals and participates in projects of various musical genres. One of the ambitious and successfully implemented projects of the Quartet is a guitar concert series at the House of Journalists (Moscow, 2012-2013). Live concerts always elicit positive emotions and open the new world of classical six-string guitar to the audience.

Although the first place in the repertoire of Russian Guitar Quartet is taken by Russian music, classical pieces and music from different countries and epochs is performed at the concerts. It is worth noticing that the Quartet programmes include several genres: early music stylization, classical music, Russian romance, avant-garde, jazz and vivid descriptive music. In the repertoire pieces: L. Brouwer, A. Dumond, M. Duplessy, J. Chik, D. Bogdanovic, A. Ourkuzunov, R. Dyens, S. Goss etc.

The members of the quartet are: Yuri Aleshnikov, Natalya Rodionova, Vladimir Ivannikov and Anna Inozemtseva. During the course of their career they won more than fifty awards at prestigious international competitions and festivals.

Their preferred HANNABACH string is our brand new 1869HT with Goldin trebles and pure gold plated basses.

Russian Guitar Quartet is playing the following Hannabach Strings:

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