Melbourne Guitar Quartet


Melbourne Guitar Quartet – Benjamin Dix, Michael MacManus, Jeremy Tottenham, Daniel McKay

Formed in 2005, the Melbourne Guitar Quartet (MGQ) is a vibrant guitar
based ensemble dedicated to the development of chamber music repertoire
for the instrument. Utilising the unique concept of the Guitar Family of
instruments (classical bass guitar, baritone guitar, standard guitar, treble
guitar and octave guitar), the award-winning MGQ are continuously
cultivating groundbreaking arrangements of major works for this idiom. MGQ
exhibit the broader timbral spectrum of the instruments through use of the
Guitar Family, while at times incorporating percussion instruments into their
arrangements. Embodying a dynamic and theatrical on-stage musical
persona, MGQ is one of only two quartets in Australia pursuing the genre
seriously, aiming to welcome audiences who are curious about hearing new
music and established favourites through the rich and beautiful sound of the
guitar quartet.

In 2008 MGQ released their debut CD Four Elements to critical acclaim.


“…one of the best recordings of my music.” -
Robert Davidson (Leading Australian Composer)


“ I rediscovered my music...under your fingers ” -
Francis Kleynjans (World-Renowned Guitar Figure/Composer)


In 2010 MGQ released their second studio album, Toccata, launched at the
2010 Adelaide International Guitar Festival to a sold out audience, the
quartet’s dynamic and trailblazing arrangements were received to high
acclaim once again.

" Melbourne Guitar Quartet gives a fresh interpretation (of Omphalo Centric
Lecture), rhythmic vitality and a groove that would put many percussion
ensembles to shame.” - Nigel Westlake (Preeminent Australian Composer)

“ The Melbourne Guitar Quartet are a brilliant addition to Australia's musical
landscape. Their combination of innovative arrangements and superb
ensemble playing is a joy to listen to. This is exactly what the classical guitar
world needs.” - Slava Grigoryan (Famed Classical Guitar Virtuoso &
Director of the Adelaide International Guitar Festival

After the success of their album Toccata in 2010, MGQ spent several years
rehearsing and developing new arrangements before recording their 2014
CD, In Colour. The group’s most thematic album to date, MGQ’s new look at
Spanish and Impressionistic repertoire was once again greeted with high
praise. As part of the Local Heroes concert series, the quartet launched their
album at the Melbourne Recital Centre in March 2014, since then MGQ
performed to a sold out audience at the Melbourne Recital Centre in their
‘Baroque Re-Worked’ concert, featuring collaboration with piano and
didgeridoo in J.S Bach’s Keyboard Concerto in D Minor, BWV 1052.

MGQ’s 2015 concert series at the Melbourne Recital Centre was also met
with high praise, once again collaborating to premiere an arrangement of
Mozart’s Quintet for Piano & Winds in E flat K. 452 and later to be awarded
the Contemporary Masters Award for the performance of News from
Nowhere by Australian guitarist/composer, Phillip Houghton.

Guitar performance is set to transform once again in 2016 with MGQ at the
helm as they embark upon cultivating new works and arrangements for their
unique idiom, the Guitar Family.

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