Ashkan Saberi


"Hannabach strings are a fantastic musical partner that produces inestimable beautiful, precise with varieties of different musical colors."

Ashkan Saberi


Ashkan Saberi started to study guitar and music theory at the age 14 with his first teacher Kaveh Daneshmand. Ashkan studied music theory by himself and performed classical guitar for a while. He took private lessons with Afshin Torabi (best Iranian classical guitar student of Nikita Koshkin and Alexander Vinitsky). He gained experiences in composition by great composers such as Giorgio Colombo Taccani, Frank Wallace and Jaime Zenamon.
His activity can be pointed as :
1) Participate in Masterclass of Lily Afshar, Afshin Torabi, Mehrdad Pakbaz and Amir Mehyar Tafreshipoor
2) Participate in first classical guitar festival in iran and reached second place in 2004
3) Performed with Esfahan Symphony Orchestra with conducting of Dr.Arbi Baboumian in 2003
4) Performed Classical Guitar recitals (solo and duo) in 2006, 2007 and 2011
5) Performed educational performances in solo and ensemble in 2003, 2006, 2010 and 2011
6) Founder of Esfahan philharmonic assosiation
7) Holding classical guitar programs of Esfahan philharmonic association and khorshid philharmonic assosiation in three parts in 2010 :
8) 1-survey classical guitar techniques
9) 2-survey biographoy of great classical guitarist and great classical guitar composers and survey their works along with performing their pieces
10) 3-survey history of classical guitar instrument and its transformations and its developments
11) Director of the Department of Classical Guitar Isfahan province Art Bureau
12) Council member of Isfahan province Art Bureau
13) Classical Guitar Teacher
14) Composing music for classical guitar such as prelude no.1 for guitar,BACHORO-Waltz-Romance(Homaje to Ennio Moriccone)
15) Arranging some pieces of great composers of music such as J.s.Bach,G.F.Handel,W.A.Mozart,Edvard Greig,Dimitry Shostakovich and etc for classical guitar in different orchestration, solo, duo, trio, quartet, quintet, octet and classical guitar orchestra.
16) Arranging jazz music from Kenny G, Lalu Schifrin, Johnny Mandel, Antonio Jobim Carlos and etc for Flute and Guitar.
As his collaboration with international musicians he arranged and composed :
1) Arranging Fuge BWV948 for Italian trio guitar “VGT”
2) Arranging Waltz from Masquerade Suite by Aram Khachaturian for Spanish duo guitar “Barcelona duo gitarra”
3) Arranging Watchman’s song of Edvarg Greig for Mexican guitarist Paulina Orozco
4) Arranging “Ave Maria” by Franz Schubert for German Guitarist Oliver Thedieck
5) His arrangements (Fuge BWV 948 and art of fuge) performed in Bachfest Chocobamba in Bolivia as first Iranian musician by Bolivian guitar ensembles in 2012.
6) Composing “Romantic Sonata” for Angelo Barricelli
7) Composing “Three Sketches for guitar duo” to Carisma Guitar Duo
8) Composing “fight till death “ for Cedar Guitar Quartet
9) Composing “prelude no.1” to Afshin Torabi
Ashkan Saberi is one of the Endorser of Hannabach (German Guitar String Company ) from 2014

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