Andrea Chiarini


Andrea Chiarini born in 1987 is one of the most interesting guitarists of his generation. He studied and graduated in classical guitar at the G.B. Pergolesi di Fermo under the guidance of Claudio Marcotulli.

Active in the international music scene since 2003 as a guitarist and music producer in several projects and collaborations, boasts of 19 publications with several record labels such as Universal Music, Edel, Inri Classic and more.

He participated in classical guitar masterclass with Claudio Marcotulli, Roberto Pinciroli and Alberto Ponce.He plays regularly in Italy and in the United States and was hosted for a tour in Mexico by the Facultad de Música de la Universidad Veracruzana in 2008.

His attitude that makes him unique from other guitarists is a rock aesthetic, strong tattoos with a fine classic sound. He won the Golden Award 2022 as best classic guitarist for the best performance of Niccolo' Paganini's Guitar Work "Sonata n°21” and the 1st prize of the Europe Music competition
nominated Virtuoso Performer.

He has gained popularity on social networks such as TikTok and Instagram with millions of views thanks to his often unpredictable videos that have gone viral where he reinterprets the great classic works. Among these he has released in the digital stores "Turkish March", "Ave Maria", "Fuoco" and songs of his own composition such as "Requiem", "Maestoso" taken from his upcoming album “The Devil’s Guitarist”.

He has been a guest of Radio Deejay and is currently engaged in concerts and promotional activities in Europe and abroad.

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